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Significant projects

Overview of actual opened significant projects.




Label Project name
Research team(s)
2016-2020 LO1607

RICE - New Technologies and Concepts for Smart Industrial Systems

Power electronics and drives, Materials research, Power engineering and industrial systems, Electronics and testing, Diagnostics and Testing Engineering, Mathematical-physical modeling
2015-2017 LF 15008

ADVANTEX II - Advanced functional blocks and technologies for smart textile products

Materials research
2015-2017 LF 15021

ASES II - Smart High Efficient Alternative Solar Energy Source II - Advanced Module Insulator-Copper-Insulator and Technology of Production

Materials research
2014-2019 TE02000103

Center for Intelligent Drives and Advanced Machine Control (CIDAM)

Power electronics and drives, Mathematical-physical modeling, Electronics and testing
2014-2017 LF 14029

ASES - High Efficiency Alternative Solar Energy Source

Materials research 
2014-2017 LF 14043

ADVANTEX - Advanced Functional Blocks And Technologies For Smart Textile Products

Materials research
2012-2019 TE01020038

Competence Center of Railway Vehicles (CKDV)

Power electronics and drives, Power engineering and industrial systems, Electronics and testing
2012-2019 TE01020022

Flexible printed microelectronics based on organic or hybrid materials, FLEXPRINT

Materials research
2012-2019 TE01020455 Centre for Advanced Nuclear Technologies (CANUT) Power engineering and industrial systems, Power electronics and drives, Electronics and testing
2012-2019 TE01020036 Advanced technologies for heat and electricity production Power engineering and industrial systems