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Multiphase systems - the future of electric vehicles

During the last decade, the transportation industry has recorded a growing interest in the development of electric drives for fully electric (battery) and hybrid vehicles, with a strong emphasis on efficiency improvements, higher reliability and minimizing the geometrical dimensions.

The traditional drives using the three-phase motors are already reaching their technical limits, hence they are no longer able to follow this trend. The attention is therefore being paid to the new technologies with multiphase electric motors having several technical and economic advantages. The multi-phase motor is smaller, more powerful, produces less noise and is reliable – the motor can reach the chosen destination even in case of failure of one or more stator phases. Therefore, we can expect that the future electric vehicles (e-cars, e-buses, etc.) will be mostly powered by the multi-phase systems.

The RICE (Research and Innovation Center for Electrical Engineering) research team has been dealing with the issue of multi-phase electric motors for several years and thus contributes to the development of e-mobility and public transport. At present, it focuses mainly on techniques for injecting harmonic currents into the stator in order to increase the power (by up to 20 %) while keeping the same geometrical dimensions.