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Conference ICEM 2018

Researches Lukáš Veg and Roman Pechánek from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering attended the conference ICEM 2018 - the most important conference on electrical machines, which took place in the days from 3 September to 6 September 2018.

The purpose of the work trip at ICEM 2018 was to present the current state of the RICE–FEL UWB research in electrical machinery and electrical engineering. The contribution of "Ventilation - thermal calculations of a 40 MW synchronous machine" was presented in the section "Thermal management of non-conventional electrical machines".

The articles were also presented in the form of a poster session entitled "Impact of Thermal Conductivity in the Axial Direction on the Overall Thermal Model of High Speed Synchronous Motor" and "Influence of Machine Winding and PM Configuration on the Back-EMF Waveform of PMSM". All three contributions were positively accepted by the professional community.