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FEE and Hands of the Region in Pilsen

The students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering attended the presentation of the technical fields of the "Hands of the Region" in Pilsen.

The presentation of the technical and scientific fields of schools, which were establish by the Pilsen Region, took place in the courtyard of the Regional Authority of the Pilsen Region. There were waiting 26 stalls for visitors to show them quaint products from different fields. The event was aimed at pupils of elementary and secondary schools in order to promote their interest in technical and natural sciences.

At the stand of FEE public could find favorite fire-fighter suit, but also printed electronics, smart textiles, and hexapod - a six-legged, remote-controlled robot. Faculty students Jiří Navrátil and Ondřej Lufinka demonstrated the technical skills of the presented results, but they were also available to answer all questions.