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The visitation of the French Ambassador at RICE

French Ambassador J. E. Roland Galharague visited the research spaces of the Regional Innovation Center for Electrical Engineering (RICE) during his visitation of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen (UWB).

The ambassador received an invitation from the rector of UWB, Miroslav Holeček, who addressed him based on the meeting of the leadership of the French and Czech universities in order to establish further cooperation.

The ambassador visited RICE after visiting faculties of the University of West Bohemia. There he was welcomed by dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEL) Jiří Hammerbauer, RICE director Zdeněk Peroutka, RICE operations manager Petr Frýbl and Jana Jiříčková from the Department of Electrical Power Engineering and Ecology FEL. Mr. Galharague had the opportunity to see the interiors of the research center along with its products. A firefighting suit SmartPRO was presented including gloves and boots as well as a compact pixel detector of ionizing radiation FITPix.

The delegation continued with the excursion of the University of West Bohemia and ended with a meeting of the Ambassador with the French language instructors at the local Kulturka café. The positive contribution of this visit is the ambassador's ambition to develop student and staff mobility exchanges in cooperation with French universities as well as support for activities aimed at expanding French teaching.