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Smart suit for firefighters tested in restaurant Na Spilce

This morning was held a training intervention of firefighters in restaurant Na Spilce. Fire fighters used a "smart suits", whose development involved the research team RICE.

Smart suit called smartPRO is a new firefighter suit equipped with a sofisticated electronic system which represents a new era in the protection of firefighters.

The smartPRO suit enables to monitor temperature and moisture inside and outside the garment, explosive and suffocating gasses, basic physiological processes and move of a firefighter inside and outside the building. 

SmartPRO technology can analyze the measured data and transfer them to the periphery device, such as, for example, a tablet where the responsible person can read the data and assess them. Consequently, the person in command can avoid possible risks and/or take necessary preventive measures. When the limit values are exceeded, the system automatically activates both acoustic and visual alarm.