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Researchers from RICE participated on the restoration of the famous Probošt's Mechanical Christmas Crib

The researchers launched the new drive in May and finished the installation of the security system at the end of November this year.
Mechanical Christmas Crib is now ready to show its magnificency to visitors who will visit the Třebechovice Museum of Nativity Scenes during Advent.

Restorers asked researchers from RICE for help in the spring of this year, if the update of drive crib is possible. The previous drive was old drive from scrapped washing maschine from 80s of last century. The drive was working, but it was not friendly to wooden crib mechanisms.

Experts from RICE therefore exchanged it for modern drive with asynchronous motor controlled by a frequency converter. Slow start to the required speed will protect unique wooden gears too suffer and avoid damage.  

The next important thing was discovered during work: wooden mechanics of crib is necessary protect against damage, probability of damage was very high. „We added the security system to crib. It includes 12 laser sensors that continuously sense       movements of the  mechanics. If the motion of gears changes or even stops, the system evaluates it immediately and shuts down the drive. Then indicates which part of the  mechanism has a problem,“ said Pavel Turjanica.

Probošt's Mechanical Christmas Crib is the unique mechanical Christmas nativity scene made by Josef Probošt, Josef Kapucián and Josef Friml (the author of the movable mechanism). The nativity scene is more than one hundred years old and is made of wood. Its dimensions are 6.89 x 1.89 x 2.35 m . It includes more than 2000 carved parts and figures, which are put in motion by small electric motor. Probošt’s mechanical nativity scene was proclaimed the national cultural heritage site in 1999.

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