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Smart suit for firefighters tested in campus

Protective clothing for firefighters today passed a real condition test, which was attended by members of the evaluation panel from Belgium.

The further development of smart suit, gloves and boots were presented in the cooperation with Fire Brigade of the Pilsen Region in university campus on Tuesday, February 9. Firefighters started a testing  fire on car park in front of electrotechnical faculty and tested the response of smart suit smart PRO. The evaluation commitee for Smart @ Fire tender was attended, this commitee will select supplier for clothing for Belgian firefighters.

Research center RICE enrol on a tender in autumn 2014, two rounds were succesfully passed and center is at the moment one of three candidates in semifinal round. The tender for the suit delivery for Belgian firefighters is running third year, results from this semifinal round should be known in in the middle of this year.

(carry over from http://info.zcu.cz/clanek.jsp?id=275)