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Projekt, na kterém se podíleli výzkumníci z naší fakulty, získal mezinárodní ocenění

Innovation Award_m

Výzkumný tým FEL – RICE, který se podílel na řešení mezinárodního projektu RiMaCon (Risk Management Software System for SMEs in the Construction Industry) získal jednu z cen West Midlands Celebrating Construction Awards 2017. Oceněny byly výsledky mezinárodního evropského projektu EU 7.RP, který byl řešen v rámci   aktivity Marie Curie. Západočeská univerzita byla členem konsorcia tohoto projektu. Dalšími členy konscorcia byly Vettorazzo Costruzioni s.r.l. (IT), Computors Ltd (UK), University of Wolverhampton (UK) – hlavní koordinátor projektu.
Na řešení projektu se za ZČU podílel tým FEL – RICE ve složení doc. Jiří Tupa (hlavní řešitel projektu za ZČU), doc. František Steiner, Ing. Martin Hirman, Ing. Jan Šimota.

Smart suit for firefighters smartPRO obtained prize Golden Amper in Brno


Awards Gold Amper obtained the smart suit for firefighters smartPRO at 25th international trade fair AMPER in Brno yesterday. After the December victory in the international pre-commercial tender of the project Smart@Fire is this prize next award of the Czech consortium bringing together a research team from the Regional Innovation Center of Electrical Engineering (RICE) of Faculty of Electrical Engineering of University of West Bohemia in Pilsen and companies VOCHOC, Holik International, Elitronic and Applycon. Faculty of Electrical Engineering was awarded with the modular control system REMCS for the first time in 2013.

IECON 2016


The awards “Best session presentation” were granted to following researchers: Jan Michalik, Martin Bruha and Humphrey Mokom Njawah Achiri. The IECON 2016 conference belongs to the world biggest and most prestigious conferences in the field of power electronics and motion control. This 42nd year was held at the end of October in Italian Florence with a number of 2000 participants.

Awarded student was researcher from RICE


University of West Bohemia in Pilsen annually awarded a rector special scholarship for students who represent the university in international scientific, cultural and sports competitions and achieve excellent study results. Researcher from RICE and Ph.D. student Tomáš Bystřický was awarded this year. He also get to the scholarship of Pilsen region.

FINPEX 2016 - award for significant investment activity


Regional Innovation Centre of Electrical Engineering (University of West Bohemia in Pilsen) became award from the Pilsen District Chamber of Commerce for a significant investment activity of this year. Prizes were awarded during the gala evening of forums for real estate, construction and investment opportunities FINPEX 2016, which took place on Tuesday 4 October at Měšťanská beseda in Pilsen.

ISSE 2016

J.Reboun award ISSE2016

Our researcher Mr. Jan Řeboun was awarded for the paper Bending Endurance of Printed Conductive Patterns on Flexible Substrates presented in the 39th International Spring Seminar on Electronics Technology by Best Poster Award for Young Scientists in May 2016.

IECON 2014


The group (led by Prof. Zdenek Peroutka) attended the international conference IECON 2014 in Dallas - 40th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society. Colleagues Frantisek Mach, Tomas Komrska and Radim Dudek awarded BEST PRESENTATION RECOGNITION. Frantisek Mach received even very significant recognition.  His article was on the fourth place of all student presentations from around the world!

The Golden AMPER 2013

The Golden AMPER competition  – The RICE research team led by Ing. Pavel Turjanica, Ph.D. won one of the five chief prizes in the competition for the most useful exhibit at the AMPER Trade Fair held at the exhibition ground in Brno. The exhibit awarded by the expert committee was the modular control system REMCS, which is an outcome of RICE research and development lasting two years. The system is intended for partners from the industry sector operating in the field of transportation or power engineering, mainly for those who cannot afford to carry out the demanding and expensive development of a system exploiting cutting-edge technologies. RICE succeeded in the competition with 33 other exhibits by 30 exhibiting companies.     

The reportage from AMPER 2013

IECON 2012

A group of researchers led by Prof. Peroutka took part in the international conference IECON 2012, where they won a prize for the best paper in the section concerning power systems.

 Appreciation expressed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

On 12th July 2012, the RICE Executive Director received a letter from Mr. Gordon W. Day, President of the professional association “The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers”, stating that a member of the RICE team, Doc. Ing. Radek Polanský, Ph.D. was awarded the honourable grade of “Senior Member” as an appreciation of his scientific accomplishments.

IEEE is an association of more than 461,000 professional electrical engineers and information scientists from about 150 countries in all continents. Of these members, only eight per cent have been awarded the status of “Senior Member”. The IEEE association is the publisher of more than 100 journal titles and a great many books (25% of the world’s professional literature dealing with electrical engineering and computer science originates from IEEE), organises conferences and supports the development of the above-mentioned fields. IEEE is geographically divided into ten regions which are further subdivided into sections. The Czech Republic comes under Region 8. In order to meet the needs of Czech and Slovak members of IEEE, the Czech-Slovak section of IEEE was established in 1992.