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Research Area

The Electronics and Testing team was established in 2011 as a group of five researchers. Since then, the number of members has gradually increased up to the current number. 

Research group activities can be divided into several fields. The main focus of interest is the design of specialized electronics for measuring and control applications. This primarily concerns the development of a modular control system to be used in industrial power applications, control electronics, and measurement and testing systems.

A significant focus of interest of the team is

  • Testing of electronics. This activity involves the development of primarily automatic test systems (stands).  
  • Analyses of testing processes.
  • Optimization of testing with regard to the automation of tests.
  • HIL (Hardware In Loop) simulations.

In order to accelerate the research performed by the other research teams, this research group provides specialist assistance with the design of specific electronics necessary for implementing specific scientific projects.

The team’s capacity for designing electronics systems is also offered within the commercial sector and to projects implemented by other than in-house teams.

Theoretical and Practical Applicability

The composition of the research team of Electronics and Testing and the education and qualifications of its members suggest the high level of competence and experience of the group in the field of electronic systems design. The group primarily consists of experts capable of professional design of electronic systems, namely of experts in the design of analog and digital circuits, technologists, and designers of software for embedded applications, as well as experts in diagnostics and the reliability of electrical systems. Although the major concern of the group lies in the design of measurement, control and regulation systems, the team is also capable of designing other electronic systems with a different primary focus.

What We Offer

The Electronics group offers a wide range of services to both companies and research institutions.  Cooperation can be established in the form of specialist consultations and orders, as well as in the form of co-implementation of grant projects.

Development, consulting and advisory services are offered in the following fields:

  • Design of analog circuits
    • pre-processing of signals received from sensors
    • signal conditioning
  • Design of digital circuits
    • FPGA-based digital circuits
    • circuits based on an embedded processor platforms
  • Development of software and firmware for digital circuits
  • Design of power supplies
  • Design and drawing of printed circuit boards
  • Testing of electrical circuits
  • Testing systems developed to order 
  • Control systems developed to order